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Scenic Drives

Michigan's scenic M-22 drive

M-22 - voted America's No. 1 Best Scenic Autumn Drive in 2015 by 10Best and USA TODAY.

Michigan's Tunnel of Trees scenic drive

Tunnel of Trees - M119 between Harbor Springs and Cross Village. Narrow and winding with a few good belly-dipping hills it follows the high bluffs of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. 

Ohil's Hocking Hills Scenic Drve

Hocking Hills is famous for being used by Car and Driver magazine as the place they test drive many of their cars.


Michigan’s wonders are easily accessible from the collection of 23 State and National Byways and Tour Routes. 


Indiana Covered Bridges Tour is home to 31 Covered Bridges all found in a rustic, charming setting. Each covered bridge comes with its own unique past.

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Driving Guide: Pure Michigan Byways and Tour Route. Includes Road Maps and Scenic Drives, Planning Tips, Points of Interest, and Top Adventures.

Twisty Bits.jpg

A 2.5-hour drive covering about 100 miles with a stop at a park for lunch. Starts and ends at a Meijers in Saline. Called Twisty Bits by author Phil Wiltshire.

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