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Most Active Members


Each year the JAGM recognizes three members who have displayed outstanding support of the club and its activities by presenting them with an engraved plaque at the annual awards gathering. Points are earned by participation and initiative related to organized activities as detailed in the schedule below:


  • 3 points - Showing a Jaguar at the JAGM Concours (per car)

  • 3 points - Judging at the JAGM Concours

  • 2 points - Working at JAGM Concours

  • 3 points - Judging at another JCNA club Concours

  • 2 points - Showing a Jaguar or working at another JCNA club Concours

  • 2 points - Showing a Jaguar at an “Event of Interest” as listed in The Indicator (You are responsible for reporting participation to the President)

  • 3 points - Coordinating an activity for JAGM (including preparing “Pre” and “Post” activity articles for The Indicator)

  • 2 points - Attending a monthly Meeting or Outside Activity

  • 2 points - Submission of an article to “The Indicator”

  • 2 points - Recruiting a new member to join JAGM

  • 1 point - Driving a Jaguar to any club meeting or activity (excluding Concours)


In addition to a plaque, the person(s) accumulating the most points for the year is designated Most Active Member and has their name(s) inscribed on the permanent trophy which they are permitted to keep for the following year. Board members are not eligible for these awards since their service is generally recognized by the membership.

Annual Award Winners

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