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Virtual Car Show

Picture Tech Tips

For the best display, the image size should be 1200 X 630 pixels (px).


The minimum size supported is 200 X 200 px, however, image sizes under 600 x 315 px, will be displayed as small images.

To include your car, email your photo (JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF format) to Please include the car's year, make. model, your name, city, and state. If you enter more than one car, please use separate emails. You may also include up to 85 words (425 characters) describing your car or telling its story. Since our website is public, please do not include anything that you do not want to be broadly known.

Please scroll down to view each vehicle. Each entry has a heart icon. You can show your interest in a vehicle by clicking on the heart icon. The number of cumulative clicks is displayed. Each photo can be downloaded or emailed to social media. Have fun and spread the word!

Viewing Tips

  • hover over picture to see make and owner

  • click on picture to see all information

  • use the expand/contract arrow icon in the upper left of the picture to view picture / picture and text

  • use the right and left arrow page change to navigate the photo album

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