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Portable Car Lift Bulk Buy Opportunity


One of the very many things that impress visitors to Lee Jacobsen's Belden Garage was a single post moveable lift. Lee estimated, in round numbers, that the lift could be bought directly from China for about $1,000 and shipped to the US for $500. However, that shipping charge would apply to up to 30 units, making the amortized cost as low as a little over an estimated $1,000 should a number of car enthusiasts want them.

All lifts would have to be shipped to one location, and individuals would be responsible to arrange to get them to their final destination. If you think you may be interested in acquiring one, please contact Bill Weakley (WDMGC) at Bill will then work with Lee and keep in touch with you.

At this stage, all costs are ballpark, there would be no obligation on your part and Bill cannot guaranty that he can make any deal come together.

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