JAGM Logo Attire available



2501 NW 34th Place, Ste 32

Ponpano Beach, FL 33069

www.logoup.com (or click on their logo)

Items are available for purchase online through LogoUp, and you can add the JAGM logo in the process.


Steps to place an order:

1. Go to www.logoup.com

2. Create your own personal account.

3. When you get to the logo customization page, click the "Skip" button, and from the drop-down menu select "Use logo from different account" and in the box type "Reference logo from order 199797".


You will only need to do this once for your account, the logo will then be attached for all future orders.


The JAGM logo is considered complex and results in more stitches that Logoup's standard "no-fee" setup. A "high stitch" fee of $6.99 per item will apply to all orders with our logo embroidered.


No additional fees apply, unless you choose to have your name embroidered as well. Each item with your name embroidered will be an additional cost of $10.99.


Your order will be delivered to the address you supply using the delivery schedule you chose


10 E. Burdick Street

Oxford, MI 48371


https://creativeembroidery.com (or click on their logo)


If you have an item that just needs our logo you can take it to Creative Embroidery as they have our logo set up in their system. Be sure to mention Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan. The cost to add the logo to your existing item is $14.


And they also have an in-store catalog that you can order from, and they will embroider our logo on the item for you.


You can view their two catalogs online, however, you need to place your order in their store to have the merchandise shipped to Creative Embroidery & Screen Printing to add our logo and/or your name. See the links below:





If you want your name embroidered on an item they will do that for an additional charge.


Store hours

M - F 10 AM - 6 PM

Sat 10 AM - 2 PM

Closed Sundays