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February 10, 2021 Zoom Meeting

JAGM’s second Zoom membership meeting of 2021 brought “together” about 20 members, and featured guest speaker Mark Anderson of Hagerty Insurance. Mark took us through a brief presentation with segments on the Hagerty Drivers Club, Hagerty social media resources, their Expert Repair Network of collision and restoration shops and their online valuation resources. Mark, who is a long-time car nut (more in the muscle/hotrod categories) emphasized Hagerty’s vision, that “Hagerty exists to save driving.” That even if/when self-driving cars become the norm, there still should be a place for driving “because we want to. Because it’s fun.” Taking questions after the presentation, Mark addressed members’ questions on Hagerty insurance, including “track day” insurance, and offered to look into ways Hagerty could be involved in some of our club’s activities. Mark welcomed any follow-up questions from JAGM members – they can be addressed to

Next on the agenda was JAGM’s developing list of recommended automotive service outlets. This was proposed as a resource for members and we’ve been assembling the list over the past couple months. Several service suppliers were brought up during the meeting; to see the latest on this, go to: https:// and click on the “JAGM Service Directory” button. You’ll find about 50 service suppliers in categories like: Mechanical, Collision, Interior, Detailing and Transporting. This list will be continuously updated with members’ recommended service providers. Send any recommendations you’d like to add to

Phil led us through the 2021 events calendar. One proposed addition was a repeat of the Waterford Hills track visit from 2019 (except maybe for the weather, which on that day was about 45 degrees and steadily raining!). Also, David Sculati and Randolph Perry suggested a track day with driving instruction, perhaps as a joint event with the BMW Club of Michigan.

A new Pub Quiz followed, this time with questions about Michigan and its history. There were 20 Michigan trivia questions; when the dust settled, six members scored 15 or better – they will be allowed to remain in the state. The winners were: Mike Eaves, Conrad Foster, Gary Hillebrand (probably cheated), Bob Klemmer, Jeff Parko and Dave Walmsley.

New members at this meeting were David Sculati and Loran Brooks (rejoining JAGM after many years’ absence).

The general membership meeting for March will be the Annual Awards Gathering, which will be held at Lakeside Jaguar (see page 8 for details).

Gary Hillebrand

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