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Tipping Point Theatre 2023

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

With afternoon sunshine and temps brushing against 50 degrees, JAGM members gathered in Northville for our annual Valentine’s Day celebration. This year we saw a performance of the play The Light by Loy A. Webb.

The provided description of the play - “Not every marriage proposal goes as planned and a young couple’s joy quickly unravels as ground-shifting accusations from the past resurface. The Light is a reckoning that unfolds in real-time and peels away the layers of truth, doubt, pain, and, ultimately, the power of love” - was at best an understatement of the story to be told. The cast of two put on a performance that was heartfelt, and emotional and frequently left the audience in hushed anticipation of the depth of the unwinding story. A standing ovation - well done!

Following the play, we drove less than a mile to the Deadwood Bar and Grill. There they got us all seated at one long string of tables. They did a great job with our drink and food orders, and the catch-up conversations began in earnest around the table.

Everyone had a great time.

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