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The British Return to Fort Meigs Car Show

Fort Meigs is a historic fort on the banks of the Maumee River in what is now Perrysburg, Ohio. In 1813, the British army laid siege to the fort, attempting to take it over on their way to an assault on Detroit. The American army was able to withstand the siege and held the fort. The British have not given up, though. The Lake Erie British Car Club (LEBCC) now has its annual car show, “The British Return to Fort Meigs” on the grounds of the historic fort.

This year, a number of JAGM members joined the show.

There were 132 entries, including a few motorcycles, a dozen Jaguars, and a great selection of other British makes. The relaxed atmosphere, great weather, and interesting cars and owners combined to make for a wonderful day.

A few highlights:

  • A rare (200 remaining in the world) Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine roadster. Its owner explained that with the performance of an MG and the price of a Jaguar, it didn’t sell too well—hence its rarity now!

  • A half dozen assorted Lotuses, including a 1960’s Elan which we followed most of the way down Telegraph Road to get to the show.

  • A mid-50’s MG Saloon whose owners told us about their trip around Lake Michigan in the car—a Hagerty-sponsored rally called “Lap the Lake’ this past May.

We’ll keep this annual car show on the JAGM calendar. It’s a short drive from SE Michigan and draws an entertaining variety of British cars and typically interesting owners and stories.

Thanks, Nigel Booth, for bringing this one to JAGM’s attention!

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