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Shalsely Walsh Hillclimb, UK

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

By Dave & Lori Wathan

The XK Club based in England, run by Phillip and Julie Porter, has organized major events on the anniversaries the XK120 introduction. So this year was XK70, held on the second week of June, at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb. The events had a goal of 700 XK engined Jaguars, which was easily met. Well, you can’t travel all the way from Michigan and just talk about your Jaguar, so Rich Foster and I prepped and shipped our XK120’s to the event. We drove the competitive Hillclimb, drooled on lots of cars, met 100’s of really fun people, stayed at old restored manor houses, drove the add-on XKTour of the Cotswolds, and visited some great museums Diana and Lori helped drive and navigate, wore period vintage costumes for the 1948 big band party on Saturday night, helped drink the gin drinks that the UK folks are quite proud of and held their own with the US Bourbon, which caused a few hangovers amongst our new friends. The line up of XK’s was in front of Sir William and Greta Lyons home near Coventry, that they bought when he was just 36 years old. The XKSS is one of the recently built continuation versions built at the Jaguar Classic Center. - it was dripping oil so quite authentic!

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