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Northville Cars & Coffee 04/08/2023

Updated: Apr 10

To see pictures click the link below.

The first Northville Cars and Coffee was a big hit – in fact, much bigger than we at JAGM or the

organizers in Northville expected! The weather was clear and sunny (if a bit cold early!) and the great variety of cars and trucks made for excellent and interesting viewing. Our club had reserved a space for 10 cars, and we ended up with a total of 13. We had a great spot – right up front near the entrance – and were able to park almost all of our cars together. The event was

expected to draw about 400 cars total; it appeared that the actual number was at least 750. The

displayed cars spilled over into at least one other nearby lot. The big numbers made it difficult for the organizers to keep up with the demand for coffee and pastries, but they made a gallant attempt, sending out for reinforcements more than once! We’ll keep this monthly event on our calendar and continue with the reserved space for JAGM cars. As the weather gets warmer it’s likely to get even bigger and better.

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