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Membership Meeting at Brass Pointe

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Our July meeting at Brass Pointe was our first combined meeting with the Windsor Detroit MG Club. The restaurant asked for this because their meeting room can hold about 60 people and neither of our clubs has had numbers like that attending recently.

JAGM had 12 members and WDMGC about 20, so we all fit handily in the room. For a first attempt, I think it went quite well. We had our usual dinner conversations about our cars, current projects, and club events, while the MG group was doing the same at their tables. Around 7 pm, Vicki Bade led the MG club’s “business” part of the meeting, which took about 20 minutes and included at least one topic of common interest – the recent Mad Dogs and Englishmen event.

Wendy Mueller then introduced our raffle event – offering tickets to both clubs. The MG crowd didn’t join in this time, but I suspect that will change in future meetings. The Brass Point meetings will continue with the two-club format for the time being.

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