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Lee's Garage

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Organized by Bob Matejek

We held our June Meeting at the Garage of Lee Jacobsen, a long time Jaguar member. Pizza, salad and pop were made available for everyone. Lee has a beautiful shop in Livonia, two miles West of Archie's. The building is very well finished inside and out and is well equipped to handle any car project that comes along. We all enjoy collecting cars. Lee has a business model of collecting. The rule is, no more cars that can be maintained by Lee. Lee's limit is 20 cars. Three cars are stored for friends. The twenty-three collector cars really have a great home. Every car Lee has, has a story, as we all know. The fifteen cars that run daily are parked in a crescent circle, on the grey floor. Cars needing work are on the red floor. Lee went along the line of cars and shared its short story. They were all interesting. They involved the acquisition, restoration or use of the cars. Lee has collected sports cars, (British) since 1965. He still has his first British car, a TR-3B. Most of the cars were collected in the 70s, before family became a priority. Costs were also very low. Lee's Jaguars include two XK120 SE roadsters, one a running chassis, the other a fast running original favorite. Also a 67 XKE known from new. How does one acquire cars? Many were a case of opportunity and being in the right place at the right time, or wrong place at the wrong time, depending on your point of view. Lee has a couple of movable, single post, side lifting hoists, which work great! The lift was hard to miss as we walked in, with a 5,500 lb Chrysler suspended 6 feet up in the air!

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