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JLR of Farmington Hills Hosts JAGM Holiday Party

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

By Gary Cunningham

More than fifty members and guests of the Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan were wined and dined in style during the evening of December 12. JLR of Farmington Hills (Leslie Rhodes and Terry Tabor) hosted the event and pulled out all the stops to make it a very special evening.

About twenty members of the staff of JLR of Farmington Hills joined our ranks to completely fill the entire showroom of the dealership with elaborate tables and place settings fit for the Queen. The price of admission was an unwrapped child’s toy to be donated to the Orchards Children’s Services, which is dedicated to foster care and adoption of abused children and the preservation of families in crisis situations. So a Range Rover full of presents for the kids will be delivered by JLR of Farmington Hills to the charity doing such important work. After some introductory comments by Terry Tabor, Leslie Rhodes and Teresa Klotz, a competition was held to determine who had traveled the longest distance to attend the event. That honor went to JAGM members Chris and Griz Holbrook, who traveled a combined 314 miles round trip from their home near the Canadian Lakes in western Michigan.

The menu included grilled chicken and roast beef with all the trimmings, paired with excellent selections of fine wines. For dessert, everybody enjoyed a very special chocolate cake served with fresh-brewed coffee.The evening was topped off with a raffle sponsored by JLR of Farmington Hills. The lucky winners received beautiful items from the gift shop, including several gorgeous Jaguar watches! All-in-all, this was one of the best JAGM holiday parties in recent memory. We are very fortunate to have Erhard Dahm and his team of auto enthusiasts as the newest JLR dealership in Michigan.

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