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January 13, 2021 Zoom Meeting

About 25 members participated in the first-ever virtual JAGM membership meeting on January 13. Whether they were experienced Zoom users or first-timers, everyone seemed to work through any initial audio and video glitches and the meeting went quite smoothly.

Adam and Sue Gucfa “drove” farthest, attending from Florida! Teresa and Jeff led us through the evening’s agenda, which included introduction of new member Brian Devlin, some instruction on using Zoom, a quick run through the preliminary JAGM 2021 events calendar and a Jaguar pub quiz.

Jeff led the segment on Zoom meeting tips, running through the various user controls for screen appearance and camera and microphone adjustment. He even showed some more advanced functions I’d never seen before, like how to change the background behind my picture (Jeff had already set his own background, making it look like he was sitting outside on a nice summer day with his XK8 behind him). I was disappointed that he didn’t show us how to order drinks during the meeting; maybe that requires a premium subscription to Zoom.

Phil led us through the 2021 events calendar (see the latest version on page 4). Like last year of course, events are subject to change depending on the prevailing “science and data” but we have a great lineup of opportunities to get together (online and in person) and exercise our cars. Watch the website and future Indicators for updates to the events calendar.

Jeff officiated the Jaguar Pub Quiz, with 20 questions about Jaguar cars, Jaguar history, and movie appearances by Jaguars. When the smoke cleared, five members rose to the top of the field, answering at least 15 of the 20 questions correctly: congratulations Len Kata, Brian Devlin, Howard Richards, Bob Sawyer and Bob Matejek! I blame my own barely-double-figures score on the fact that since Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, I rarely get to the movies…

After the formal agenda items were finished we had time for open discussion and walk-in items. These included: • A discussion of our club becoming a member of the Coventry Foundation ( The JAGM board will be following up on this – stay tuned.

  • A request for a list of local Michigan repair shop resources for Jaguars. This will be discussed in the February membership zoom meeting.

  • A reminder that 2021 is the 60th anniversary of the E-Type; the more E-Types we can get at club events, the better!

A discussion of how to donate to the charities that JAGM supports through the auction and holiday party. See page 6 for new info.

Our next membership meeting, also via Zoom, is Wednesday February 10 at 7:00pm. See page 2 for information about that meeting.

Gary Hillebrand

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