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Jags & Java at Lakeside Jaguar

Updated: May 16, 2022

On Saturday morning twenty-seven JAGM members drove fourteen Jaguars to Lakeside Jaguar. There they were parked directly in front of the dealership. We were able to fill the entire designated parking area very nicely with our cars

With partly-sunny skies and the late-morning temperature in the mid-70s, it was a great morning for such an event. Lakeside Jaguar went all out with coffee from Tim Hortons, bagels and cream cheese, and donuts galore.

Lots of mingling and conversations were taking place outside around the cars and inside around the food table. Old friendships were being “topped off” and new ones being started. We had a new member at this event. He joined JAGM literally days ago and he made it to this event. His name is Bic Gohil and he brought his black 1995 XJS convertible.

The two hours seemed to pass quickly, and then we took our group picture and headed out for lunch at the Aspen Restaurant, just a stone through east on Hall Road. On the way to the restaurant, we stopped at Sharon and Craig Skupny’s new art studio for a quick look at some of her displayed work. With a bit of “bubbly” on hand and some artwork to look at, the stop was refreshing and interesting. She seems to focus on painting views of Jaguar's cars recently. The Art Studio was just across the street from the Aspen Restaurant, so it only took us just 100 yards out of our way. With easy access to Hall Road and ample parking, the location might be useful as a final stop on a local drive. The Skupny’s offered up the building and its fire pit as a place to congregate on cooler fall evenings. So stay tuned as we may incorporate their offer in one of our yet unplanned events.

The Aspen was a nice venue with ample parking and enough seating for our group. It turns out that this building was initially located next to Lake St. Clair, but was taken apart and moved to its current location, where it was reassembled as it was by the lake.

We spend a couple of hours there topping off our tanks before heading home. I would say, from the conversations taking place, that everyone had a good time.


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