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Genitti's Dinner Theater

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

By: Phil Crutchfield

On Saturday, January 26th, seventeen JAGM members and three guests experienced the Genitti’s Dinner Theater. When the dining room was near capacity the theater director delivered a monologue and introduced how the evening would unfold.

First was the seven-course Italian dinner served family style. While I can only speak for myself, based on the rather barren looking shared plates, no one would leave hungry. After the cannolis, we moved to the adjacent theater.

“Murder at the Mansion”, was an interactive comedy murder mystery, in which Wayne Platt, the owner of the Disgusting Toys Novelty Co., had passed away. Family, friends and employees had gathered at his estate for the reading of the will and to compete in several ridiculous games to win his fortune. But is he really dead and if he is, who killed him? The trophy wife, the coach, the librarian, the lawyer, or you?

Based on the audience’s periodic outbursts of laughter, the performance was well received. There was a cast of five performers, which grew to include eleven more drafted from the audience. As the need for a new cast member arose, the name of an audience member was called out, with the expectation that he or she join the cast on stage. Two of our own were called upon. They were Mark Bolich and Steven Myerscough. Both went on stage, perhaps reluctantly, and both did a good job performing their respective roles.

The play ended with the cast calling upon the audience to solve the murder. This was done by a show of applause for each of the suspects. In the end, the librarian did it!



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