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Feather Bowling

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

The curved bowling alley.

Organized by Tom Bailey

We had a good turnout for our annual journey to Bath City Bistro, in Mt. Clemens, for feather bowling. Feather bowling consists of rolling a wooden wheel (think wide disk) down a lane with curved-up edges in lieu of gutters; such that the wooden wheel tends to fall over as its speed decreases. The objective is to roll the wooden wheel so that it falls closest to a feather that sticks up near the end of the lane. The game takes a different touch and strategy than brute force and spin like bowling. The group was separated into the traditional boys versus the girls. History has been kinder to the boys, but not this year. The girls shut-out the boys for two games! After enjoying the competition and comradely, we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Bistro.

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