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Classic Car Night at Meadowbrook Theater

Meadowbrook Theater’s last Classic Car Night for 2023 featured far better weather than the earlier washout in May. June 2nd was a beautiful, comfortable Friday evening, so we were able to enjoy our pre-play car show and mingle with the other car nuts. We met John, an MG T owner, and as we talked we learned that we would be seeing him later that weekend at the Fort Meigs show, and then again at Greenfield Village! It’s funny how new friendships pop up sometimes at these events. The performance that evening was a madcap play-within-a-play, called “Noises Off.” The audience had plenty of laughs as we navigated through the onstage and backstage rehearsals of a most eccentric cast. The jokes and gags at times moved so quickly that my Friday evening brain had trouble keeping up, but as always, the Classic Car Night at Meadowbrook delivered a fun, relaxing time.

Gary Hillebrand

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