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Classic Car Night (#2) at Meadow Brook Theatre

On Friday, June 3rd, nine JAGM members presented four Jaguars at the Meadow Brook Theatre parking lot at 6:30 PM. The (Pontiac) Fiero club was busy holding six contiguous parking spots for their anticipated members. As it turned out only three were able to make the trip. As a consequence, our Jaguars outnumbered the Fieros, Corvettes, Thunderbirds, Model Ts, and others.

We enjoyed an hour, or so, of tailgating camaraderie before heading into the theatre for the performance of A Closer Walth with Patsy Cline, where Little Big Man, a disc jockey from Patsy Cline’s hometown of Winchester, VA, traces the late singer’s footsteps from early honky-tonk and radio days through her rise at the Grand Ole Opry, plus her appearances at Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas. The play chronicles Patsy’s compelling journey and features her greatest hits, including “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “Crazy” and “I Fall To Pieces.”

The performance was very well done. It felt like you were getting a vision of what her journey to stardom was like. When I arrived home, I decided to relax a bit before retiring for the night. I asked Alexia to “play some Patsy Cline music”. To my utter amazement, I spent the next half hour listing to many of the same songs I had heard earlier at Meadow Brook. The performance at Meadow Brook was very, very close to listening to the real Patsy Cline. What a great time we had,

Meadow Brook Theatre’s Classic Car Nights is the type of event that we should support and enjoy going forward. At the price of $25 per ticket (unless you bring a car at least 25 years old, in which case one ticket is free), it is surely a bargain for a great night out.

Phil Crutchfield

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