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Cars and Kettles 2023

Saturday, July 29th marked the third year that JAGM has supported the charity work of the Salvation Army of St, Clair county. The donations to participate in their Cars and Kettles Car Show go to help fund the Salvation Army’s work in the local community. But the attendance at the event, and the much larger, and adjacent, Main Street Memories Wheels on the Waterfront event was impacted by rainy skies that persisted until about 10:30 AM.

This year JAGM added four cars to the lineup of exotics and fine classics that lined the street in front of the YMCA in Port Huron. The Main Street Memories Wheels on the Waterfront occupied the grassy space between the YMCA and the St, Clair River. While the number of cars in that car show was down from last year, it was likely that about 500 cars participated.

A local radio station provided Bob Matejek and Phil Crutchfield a few minutes between songs to discuss JAGM. Despite shaking knees, they were able to get JAGM’s story out to the station’s listeners. Public foot traffic was strong from 10:30 AM on.

Just after noon JAGM members, and a few Cars and Kettles staffers, headed for the River Crab Blue Water Inn in St. Clair. There we enjoyed a delicious lunch, a fantastic view of the St. Clair River, and some great conversations. This annual event continues as a great way for JAGM members to get together and support a local community charity. See you again next year!

Phil Crutchfield

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