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British Car Corral

As you might recall, the weather on September 25th was dismal in the mid-'50s, dark, and drizzling. Nevertheless, I decided to drive the XK8 over, since I hadn't made it to Baker's all summer.

I arrived at 2 PM to find that most people had much better sense. About 25 cars were on display, the best showing was an Oldsmobile group with 8 cars. I was the only Brit car at that time. Before giving up, though, I took a quick walk around the parking lot. When I returned there was an E-Type coupe next to me. I talked to the owner, who is not a JAGM member, but he had heard about the British Car Corral through our website and was checking it out for the first time. Minutes later another guy joined us, he has an E-Type project car at home that he's seen working on for years. Then Loran Brooks drove up with his very nice BMW. A bit later another guy walked over. He had leased an XK8 in 1997 and now wants to buy an XK8 because he liked it so much. We all had a lot to talk about.

You can always count on meeting interesting people and seeing interesting cars at Baker's. We'll continue the British Car Corral Sundays next summer, it's a nice venue and an easy way to bring British car clubs and members together.

Gary Hillebrand

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