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British Car Corral

Seven British vehicle owners gathered at Baker’s of Milford on Sunday, August 28th. The weather was partly cloudy with the temperature initially pushing into the upper 70s.

The vehicles present were:







Royal Enfield (500cc motorcycle)

One participant, Paul Romans, brought, and shared, his pop-up, so we all enjoyed some shade.

While the number of cars at Baker’s was less than their typical crowd, many fine cars were on display. And our small row of Jaguars received substantial foot traffic and “eyeball” action.

Later when the temperature pushed into the upper 80s, and our shade seemed to shrink, we departed for home. Several had a substantial distance to travel.

We had a good time talking about our cars and getting to know each other better.

Our last British Car Corral for 2022 is scheduled for September 25th. We hope to see you there!

Phil Crutchfield

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