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2nd British Car Corral

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The afternoon of Sunday, June 13, 2021, brought together nineteen people and fifteen British Cars at the cruise-in at Baker’s of Milford. Initially we did not spot our reserved parking area. Chris Baker’s instructions were to “look for the signs”. Everyone expected the signs to be visible as we entered the parking area. That was not the case. But with a little help from the MG folks, we eventually spotted the small white wooden folding tent signs (see picture) that identified our parking spots (see blue area on the map). We moved our cars into the reserved parking area around 2:15 PM, so not much time was lost. Now we know what to look for next month.

The temperature was in the mid-eighties and the sun was going strong. So was the attendance as the parking area at Baker’s was full of cars on display and there was a lot of foot traffic at all of the cars.

We had three E-Types, two XK120/150, one XJS and one XE. Between the Jaguars and the MGs, we filled the entire reserved area with British cars.

The British cars enjoyed lots of viewing from the crowd at Bakers. I received a lot of positive comments from all of the British car folks. Now if we could just end up with more Jaguars than MGs next month…

Phil Crutchfield

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