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Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival 2023

The Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival is an annual event that showcases a remarkable collection of vintage, exotic, collector cars and boats. Arriving at the Apple Tree Hotel on Thursday afternoon, in our ‘95 XJS we joined fellow JAGM members for snacks and drinks on the hotel’s terrace. This was followed by dinner at the iconic City Park Grill.

On Friday morning the JAGM members joined other car enthusiasts at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts where we received our maps and tour instructions. Starting in small groups, we set off on the drive to the first stop at an extensive Private Classic Car Collection near Bay Harbor Village, featuring several winning entries from the Pebble Beach Car Show. This collection of rare Packard, Cord, Bentley, Duesenberg, and other collectible cars was outstanding! The Owner Chris provided fascinating insights into the history and significance of the vehicles showcased in his collection. It was a unique opportunity to witness rare and exotic cars from different eras, making it an unforgettable experience. I believe the most overheard word used was WOW... as each car was presented. It was truly an honor to see such a wonderful collection.

The next stop was at the private garage of Mike Stowe, AKA Great Lakes Motor Works in Boyne City, another collection of vintage, classic, and muscle cars and boats that also enthralled the visitors.

The last stop of the day was at The Stone House in Torch Lake for a tour and lunch. This unique house was made of eight hundred tons of rock and had amazing views of Torch Lake. The gracious owners provided an informative tour of the house, outlying buildings, and garden, which was followed by a great lunch overlooking Torch Lake.

Our journey back to Petoskey took us through picturesque countryside and scenic roads, and nothing better than with the convertible top down.

In the evening, a special dinner was arranged at the prestigious Bay Harbor Yacht Club. The club's elegant setting provided a picturesque backdrop for the event. Attendees gathered to unwind, socialize, and relish a delicious meal. The atmosphere was convivial, with conversations revolving around the day's highlights and shared experiences. It was a perfect way to conclude day 1 of the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts and friends.

The main event of the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival took place on a glorious sunny Saturday. The venue was abuzz with excitement as participants and attendees gathered to admire the stunning array of vintage cars and boats on display. The organization and layout of the show were impeccable, allowing visitors to explore the exhibits with ease. The show featured an impressive range of vehicles, from vintage models to modern marvels. As members of JAGM, we had the privilege of participating in the Parade of Cars that kicked off the day's festivities. The parade showcased a magnificent lineup of 20 Jaguars, each gleaming with pride. We drove down the Main street of the Bay Harbor Village, drawing the attention and admiration of spectators. It was an exhilarating experience to be part of such a grand procession, page 6 celebrating the elegance and power of these iconic cars and parking at a premier location on the grass near the Marina surrounded by beautiful wooden boats.

An elegant Ladies' Tea, organized by members of the Yacht Club took place midday. Many JAGM ladies attended dressed in their finest attire including hats and gloves. The venue was elegantly decorated, and the food was beautifully presented. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, conversations, and the clinking of champagne glasses. It was a wonderful opportunity for the women to connect, share stories, and enjoy a delectable Tea together.

Dinner in the evening at Vernales in Harbor Springs was a fitting conclusion to the day, with friends sharing laughter and stories over a wonderful dinner and drinks. The Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival was an unforgettable experience spanning two days. From the drive and visiting private collections on Friday to the car parade, Lady's Tea, and dinner at the Yacht Club, each event contributed to the overall charm and excitement of the show. The showcase of vintage cars and luxurious boats, the camaraderie among fellow car enthusiasts, and the elegant gatherings left a lasting impression. Attending the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival was an incredible journey into the world of automotive excellence and shared passion. We eagerly look forward to future editions of this remarkable event. If you missed the event this year, make sure you attend next year, as we are sure there will be even more activities planned and to be enjoyed.

Thank you, Domenic Federico and Gary Cunningham for your efforts on this great event.

Bic and Daksha Gohil

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