Awards Gathering

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

JAGM’s annual Awards ceremony was held in conjunction with our first membership meeting at the Brass Pointe restaurant on March 11. The new venue for the meeting worked out wonderfully—good food, good service and considerably more space than our previous two restaurant venues.

We had an excellent turnout—around 40 people, and there was room for even more.

The Most Active Member awards for calendar year 2019 went to Louise and Chuck Diamond (3rd place), Connie and Steve Myerscough (2nd place) and Ellie and Gary Hillebrand (1st place).

Jason Mattison was the recipient of a JAGM special award this year for his long-running service as the auctioneer at our annual charity auctions. Jason has announced his retirement from this most prestigious position. Jason, JAGM is forever grateful for your most excellent and entertaining auctioneering talents over the years!

Gary Hillebrand

Photos to follow.

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