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A Day at the Track

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Based on a poor weather forecast for Saturday, September 28th, the JAGM activities team decided to take a chance and postpone the Waterford Hills Racing day in Clarkston until Sunday, September 29th. Well, our gamble was only half correct, while Saturday was a total washout, Sunday turned out to have a dry morning followed by a very soggy afternoon.

The sports car racers of all classes including several open-wheel cars put up a great show that day. The first 10 lap feature with the Mazda Miata class was so fast it broke the track record. Perhaps the cooler air and being the last race weekend combined to make a very competitive field.

Several JAGM members braved the elements watching the races from the hill at turn three under the Oakland County Sportsman's club canopy conveniently located next to the concession stand. We chatted about a variety of subjects while having hot coffee and cocoa, even if it was just to hold and warm up your hands.

Another way to watch the races was to gain access to the paddock and pits which had an elevated deck with a view of the entire course. This was a terrific spot for photos, and many crew chiefs were using this vantage point to communicate with the racers during the race.

By 12:30 PM the rains came down with such force that when it came time to take our Jaguars on the course for some low-speed taps, we all looked at each other to see who would leave the shelter and go on the course. Unanimously we opted to stay dry under the canopy and dring our hot beverages! I hope Braveheart was not watching... We were consoled that only a minivan and pickup truck did the low-speed laps and we watched as they slogged around the track. After lunch, the racing started again and the race cars with wipers, RainX, treaded tires and lots of courage went out and battled for positions and a chance to get the checkered flag.

Yes, Enzo, they really do the race in the rain.

Jeff Kosko

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