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53rd Concours and British Car Showcase

Well, our 53rd JAGM Concours is now in the history books. We had a great weekend and a great Concours. The weather really cooperated, warm, dry and slightly overcast so it was not too

hot for anyone.

The event started on Sunday evening with a welcoming party at the Spring Hill Suites. Our out-of-town guests were there and were welcomed by our Club. Food and drinks were provided for everyone. Many Club members brought their own home made goodies to share with everyone. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening. No one left hungry or thirsty.

Labor Day Monday was our big event with the combined Jaguar Concours and Other British Car Show. Club members showed up in force to do whatever was needed to make the event run smoothly. There were plenty of people working registration and welcoming all the entries. The crew was directing cars to their proper parking spaces. They did a great job considering we had no idea on exactly who was coming with an Other British Car. They found homes for all of them and no one was left out alone anywhere.

Dave Wathen was new as our Chief Judge and he was more than up to the task. He was comfortable and confident throughout the day. Judging the Jaguars went very smoothly and there were no issues of concern. It was a low keyed day at Canterbury Village. Many of the shops were closed on Monday. Fortunately, Yates Cider Mill was open with plenty of good coffee, donuts and ice cream. BBQ Lunch on the Pub Patio was also easy going with plenty of good inexpensive food. Not everything went to plan, but everything worked out well. This is an easy group to work with. We had around 50 Jaguar cars on display on Monday in all the various classes and another 25 Other British Cars as well. There was certainly something for everyone. There were several first time entries to the Concours, some judged and some in Display. They all said they plan to return next year. Jaguars came from Ohio, Illinois and Indiana besides those in Michigan. They all had a great time as well. It doesn't matter what you drive. Our cars are just an excuse for a nice bunch of people to get together and spend time with each other. All the participants and I need to thank Jeff and the parking crew, Dave and the Judges, Pauline and the registration crew, Louise and the score tabulators, those who came to the Sunday party with goodies and made sure that everyone was comfortable and helped clean up, Hospitality on Sunday and Monday, clean-up on Sunday and Monday, set-up on Sunday and Monday, our Club publicity in the Indicator and Website, our Treasurer for keeping our finances straight. There is the possibility of combining our Jaguar and British Show with a Hot Rod Show on Sunday, Sept 4 next year. Mark it down on your planner.

Bob Matejek

Pictures to follow.

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