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4th British Car Corral

Sunday, August 15th was a sunny, pleasant day. Baker’s of Milford was packed with an estimated 400 to 500 cars and loads of foot traffic due to the confluence of nice weather, extra traffic from the crowds going to and from the Milford Memories Summer Festival and the rumor that the Roadkill TV crew would make an appearance at Baker’s of Milford. By 2 PM, parking space was hard to come by as Baker’s entire parking area was utilized.

We had seven JAGM members in attendance, but we were not able to park together as we would typically have done. The variety of cars on hand was fantastic. We grabbed chairs, found some shade and watched the cars and people go by. That was until about 4 PM, when the Roadkill crew showed up. They brought with them a 340 powered Plymouth Duster that they had just purchased for $12,500. In typical Roadkill fashion they intend to trade down, Yes you heard correctly, trade down for something faster than the Duster but in somewhat worse shape (if you have ever watch Roadkill you will understand this). They intend to trade down up to four times during the coming week until they end up with a suitable Roadkill vehicle. The editors of Hot Rod Magazine, and co-hosts of Roadkill, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, put muscle cars that have fallen into disuse to the test. They are two experienced racing enthusiasts and fans of powerful but forgotten old cars.

I left before they had decided on their first trade down. So you will have to watch for an upcoming Roadkill show to see if any of the Baker’s of Milford filming made it off the cutting room floor.

Phil Crutchfield

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