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2019 Awards Gathering

Once again, Lakeside Jaguar hosted JAGM's annual Awards Gathering on April 10th. Unlike the 2018 gathering which saw relatively low attendance owing to a January blizzard, this year's even was enjoyed by about 40 members ans guests. And, as is typical of JAGM events regardless of the weather, no one left hungry! The food tables were sumptuously arrayed with great tastes and smells.

Speaking of great taste, Awards presenter Jeff Kosko looked resplendent in his tuxedo, adding a touch of elegance to the proceedings.

Particular thanks go to Joe Roeder and the rest of Lakeside staff, who greeted us and saw to all our needs - the dealership was a great place for us to eet and enjoy this event.

Also, not too surprisingly, a number of awards were presented. Starting with the JAGM Most Active Member awards; these went to:

1st place - Louise and Chuck Diamond

2nd place - Ellie and Gary Hillebrand

3rd place - Kris and Lionel Sully

A number of JAGM Special Recognition Awards were also presented:

  • A special (think Oscars "Lifetime Achievement") award plaque was presented to Gary Cunningham for many years and types of service to JAGM, including his current roles as Secretary of the Board of Directors and Dealer Relations. I believe he also has the largest collection of Jaguars in JAGM.

  • Bob Matejek received a special award plaque for the amazing variety of roles he takes on for JAGM, including being the "gold standard" for drive planning. Concours chair, Activities chair, Board member and President, newsletter editor and JAGM rep for JCNA. I believe he also has the largest collection of Corvettes in JAGM.

  • A special award was presented to Phil Crutchfield for his transformation of the JAGM website over the past several months. In addition, he's gotten heavily involved in event planning and has joined the Board. Phil seems to be a able to fit about 26 hours of work into each day.

  • Kris Whise and Johnine Bailey received JAGM appreciation awards for their excellent work (10 years and 5 years respectively) as Co-editors of The Indicator.

  • Adam and Sue Gucfa received a JAGM appreciation award for their service over the years, including activities and event planning, banquet planning and Adam's time on the Board.

  • Finally, several JAGM members received JCNA national awards. These are listed on our website under the About / Awards page.

Congratulations and a huge Thank You to all our award winners.

Gary Hlllebrand

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