Membership Benfits

Jaguar Affiliate Group of Michigan (JAGM)


  • Social events, day drives, outings to interesting venues, car meets and multi-day drives

  • The club newsletter "The Indicator"

  • Free classifieds in the Indicator and JAGM website

  • Annual Member Roster

  • Access to a cadre of Jaguar Enthusiasts, some with lifetime Jaguar experience


Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA)


  • Subscription to the Jaguar Journal, the leading North American Jaguar magazine

  • Access to JCNA's very robust tech help-line.

  • Instant savings off of the final negotiated price for the purchase or lease of a new Jaguar for current members after 6 consecutive months of membership.  Savings of up                                                     to $1,000 on the purchase or lease of any new Jaguar.                                                                       See www.JCNA.com for details

  • A 5% discount on classic car insurance from Hagerty

  • Access to JCNA’s Tool Loan Program

  • The opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities of diverse                                            interests, including family-friendly events and a North American                                                competition for Concours, Rally and Slalom.


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est. 1967